Maria Napoli

These wraps are amazing! I am a gastric bypass patient.I weighted 347 at my highest weight and when I was 27 years old I had that surgery done. It was a good thing for me, however after losing almost 200 pounds, gaining some weight back from a pregnancy, I was left with a saggy flappy body! I have used these products to change how I look and feel about myself. I am now down to a sz. 9! And I have maintained this weight loss for over 2 years!! That is huge for me! I have always been on a roller coaster ride with my weight, up and down for years!! NOW i have products that I love to use because they all deliver exactly what they say they will! It is so much fun to tighten tone and firm your skin! And when you meet me, you will not even guess that I was a morbidly obese person. I am so grateful for what these products have done for me! I love that I have not had to tummy tuck, I also love that I have nutritional products that help my body to be healthy. 

I offer compassionate care to my customers. I have been there, done that, and I can help you get the body you deserve! 

And as far as finances go! Well, I can help with that as well. I love teaching people from any walk of life how to find success, how to build a business that they can work around their family's activities, and how they can achieve a level of success in a homebased business that they have never experienced before! I always say got wraps, got cash, and I can help you learn how to do just that! 

Feel free to contact me! I love helping people succeed on all levels! Health, wealth..what more can you ask for? 330.280.2402 is my direct number! Call or text me anytime! Or you can check me out on facebook at Maria Wraps or to connect with me on my personal page!  I truly do look forward to helping you achieve your health and wealth goals!


Maria Napoli 

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